Aussie Boss 290 5.4L Engines Built to Order – From Just $5000AUD.

One being built right now. Ready in 4 weeks. Come watch it run on the test stand.

Complete Long Motors Built to Order (6 weeks)

Why buy a used high mileage motor when you can get one of these for similar money?!

Boss 290 heads and cams
* Stripped,
* Hot tanked / cleaned,
* Decked (Machined) 10.3cr
* Reassembled with
* New Viton valve stem seals
* New lash adjusters
* New spark plugs
* New headgasket
* New Timing Set
Boss 5.4 Bottom End
* Stripped
* Hot tanked / cleaned
* Reassembled with
* New Flat top pistons
* New Rods
* New Rings
* Crankshaft machined
* Rotating Assembly balanced
* New Bearings
* New ARP mains and side bolts
* New Gaskets and Seals inc rear main and timing cover
* New Harmonic Balancer

Will be test run on an engine test stand prior to delivery / shipping.

Sale item will not include the intake or accessories which are used during test. Price is for “long motor” only.

Base price is $5000 and can be customised to suit. Price excludes $500 core charge.

Shipping available. Pickup available from either Newcastle NSW or Yatala SEQld