Ford Modular 5.4 AUSSIE Boss Intake Manifold 260 290 315

$450.00 AUD

Want a Cobra R manifold for your Ford Modular 5.4 swap? Can’t afford the huge price?

But still want to make your Mustang, Crown Vic or F Truck HAUL WITH A 5.4!

A mild 330ci / 5.4 DOHC capable of nearly 400rwhp & about 400rwtq.
You will have a great all rounder and quarter mile pounder.

Buy yourself a Christmas present with this ‘Aussie Boss’ upper and lower intake manifold!!!

The Aussie Boss can support 700hp ‘all motor’ or much more with boost. The lower runner design was used in Boss 260 / 290 / 302 / 315kW motors which were (260) or based on a Navigator 5.4 short block and 03+ C heads.

Included in this sale item
* Lower intake manifold / runner
* Upper intake / plenum
* Used gasket and bolts